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    HGH products are simply not effective and it should not be used for anti aging! HGH injections, HGH supplements and HGH sprays are all the same: they don’t work. This is according to one of the reliable newspapers in the United States. The media created all false advertisement regarding HGH and now they are trying to give out the right information.

    I’m thinking of the reasons why they are doing it now and only one thing for sure is; HGH has a lot of reported side effects. Skin rashes is believed to be the only side effect of HGH. It proved to be a mistake…

    What is HGH?

    To put it simply, HGH is responsible for human growth. HGH level increases until we are a fully grown individual, it is responsible for bone and muscle growth. In short, our body or we as humans won’t be created completely without the growth hormones. It is how significant growth hormones are in our lives. HGH reproduction decreases, that is the major problem. To slow down the process of aging, scientist invented HGH sprays, HGH releasers and HGH injections.

    What are HGH supplements?

    HGH injections are very expensive, so scientists created HGH supplements to help people who can’t afford HGH injections. HGH releasers contains proteins that could help the pituary gland reproduce HGH. When more HGH is produced, it will help our skin, bone and muscle get firmer and stronger. The result should take 3-4 months to be seen, our body needs to figure out where to put those new HGH for repairs. A thing to reconsider, HGH releasers will not give you HGH upfront, it will only help regenerate HGH.

    What are the ill effects of HGH?

    Abuse of the product or overuse of the dosage is the only cause of side effects for natural HGH enhancers. Too much HGH in any sense is wrong, our body needs only enough of it. This is so wrong. Enough growth hormones is what our body needs. Once there are more HGH, the extra HGH will add up to the bone and muscle growth which will then lead to a disease called agromegaly.

    The best advice I can give is after taking HGH supplements for let us say exactly 6 months and you can see the results. You have to stop using it, maybe about a year. HGH supplements can be taken again after 6 months or a year, anyway you will be the first one to know if you are back and aging. The HGH production should be controlled in this manner.

    Is it a Rip Off?

    HGH supplements are not hoax. I have devoted much of my time searching for HGH products that works. But I must admit that there are more fake products than those that really works. These HGH products failed the approval of FDA and GMP. Being vigilant is the best solution to avoid the fake products.

    My conclusion about the product

    HGH supplements can be the answer to anti aging and most are proven safe and effective. There are free trial offers and money back guarantee for most effective HGH products, and it is the best thing to look for when buying HGH. The manufacturer is confident about the product they sell if they offer a free trial period.

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